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Employee engagement is about the communication of expectations between employer and employee. According to The Society for Human Resource Management, employees crave communication with senior management and relationships with direct supervisors. And for employers, having detailed information about their business from front-line employees can mean the difference between success and failure.

But fluid communication between talent and management may seem arduous, time-consuming, and scary, especially in large organizations. So what can managers do to keep the communication channels open and employees satisfied?

Relationships between employees and their immediate supervisors are highly valued. Over 70% of employees said that this relationship has a direct impact on their engagement at work.

Meanwhile, a poor relationship between employees and managers means that employees are unlikely to share feedback, problems, and concerns face-to-face. But even when these relationships are solid, employees need to be encouraged to share, otherwise creativity and innovation may be stifled.

When employees feel safe to communicate with their immediate supervisors and feel supported by them, they are far more likely to put more effort in. Many of today’s business leaders ascended to that position at least partly due to the strength of the relationships between them and their direct reports.

With 15Five, managers can ask employees direct questions every week and receive honest and candid responses, creating an effective communication channel.The problem is that many employees are concerned with speaking up and are afraid to bring forth suggestions to their direct reports. Employers have to make their people feel safe so that they will freely articulate needs and problems without fear of reprisal. Then employers can step in to provide support and vital business outcomes improve.

Here are some basic questions that receive some of the best results:

1. What’s going well in your role? Any wins (big or small) this week?

This is a great place to start. Employees get to celebrate and even brag a little about all the positive stuff that happened that week by simply answering that question. This includes the small things that often get overlooked because they aren’t related to top priorities. As a bonus, you will glean what employees consider triumphs relative to the goals of the organization.

2. What challenges are you facing? Where are you stuck?

The quickest way to overcome challenges and get unstuck is to say, “I’m stuck!” When we can identify where we’re stuck and then bring someone else’s attention to the challenge at hand, we are in a position to receive the coaching and guidance that helps us think about the issue in a fresh new way. Often just writing about where we’re stuck begins the process of getting clear on how to resolve it ourselves.

We are seeing a trend where the need for strong relationships between employees and middle and senior management is critical to employee job satisfaction. In larger organizations, these relationships are difficult to maintain without some automation in place. As this need continues to rise, fluid communication and feedback will become the most important factor for engagement, satisfaction, retention, and ultimately the success of your company.

The sharing of thoughts and ideas, expressing expectations and offering feedback is usually the crux to any business. Conversation breeds innovation and an open dialogue can keep everyone on the same page. If at any time people start to feel discouraged or intimidated to say what’s on their minds, or unsure of who to talk to and when, this can really stunt your company’s success and growth.

Communication breakdown can create a domino effect in any size business and we believe wholeheartedly in the power of encouraging feedback and even acting on some of those ideas. Keep your company healthy by reinforcing those open lines of communication.

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