Say Goodbye To The Annual Performance Review

annual performance review cover

To succeed today, companies cannot rely on the most important conversations between managers and employees happening only once or twice a year. Moreover, organizations cannot operate in a paradigm where information flows upstream to leaders, who then make decisions in isolation before passing down directives for employees.

This ebook is designed to explore the annual performance review process, its origins, benefits, and downsides. Armed with this information, you can streamline your business to be a place where employees and managers all react to information in near real-time and mobilize rapidly to respond to changes, innovate, and stay two steps ahead of the competition.

What’s inside?

  • History of the annual performance review process
  • Key insights: why your managers and employees hate doing them
  • Valuable statistics about the impacts of annual reviews on performance and morale
  • Performance management trends from the world’s most successful companies

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