What’s inside?

We’ll discuss OKRs as part of your larger performance management strategy, share the latest research so that you can determine why a particular course is right for you, and we’ll discuss rollout strategies and best practices. 

Here are some questions we'll answer: 

How many company-wide, team, and individual objectives should we have? 

-Will objectives be rigid or can they be adjusted during the quarter to match business needs? 

-How will we track them? Should they be aspirational (stretch goals) or commitment based (designed for 100% completion)? 

-Can OKRs be used to determine promotions and salary increases?

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Achieve More with OKRs

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1. Preparing for Launch 

2. Fitting OKRs Into Your Performance Management Strategy 

3. Launching Your OKRs 

4. Setting Individual Objectives That Motivate 

5. Best Practices for Writing OKRs 

6. Critiques of the System 

7. Tracking Progress (OKRs as a Data Repository)


“[Performance management] practices are mutually reinforcing: implementing one practice well can have a positive effect on the performance of others and leads to more effective performance management overall.” 

Source: McKinsey & Company

Take off with OKRs!

How do monumental feats of achievement like landing on the moon occur? 

It all begins with inspiration. Someone pointed at the largest visible object in the sky and said, “we’re going there”. Next comes the strategy—countless teams planned and executed their contribution, measuring progress along the way. 

Your company is probably not going to have the 400,000 engineers, scientists, and technicians who helped accomplish the moon landings, and you may not be able to point at the moon to inspire. But you can make the seemingly impossible happen with a process called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Whatever your version of landing on the moon, this book is designed to help you get there. It’s a resource for managers at all levels to implement the company-wide objectives established by leadership. We’ve included details for working with every employee so that they have measurable objectives that impact the entire company each quarter of the year.