Design Values

These are the values that guide our team to create a simple yet elegant product that customers will love.

Elegant Simplicity

We strive to deliver more with much less and fewer features. Our litmus test is that when people use 15Five, it is obvious what to do at any time, and no training or instruction is necessary. We aim to create an experience of ease and delight while using 15Five.

Attention to Detail

We believe that every pixel counts and that good design should be simultaneously functional and beautiful.

Beautiful Aesthetic

We believe that beautiful design makes a positive difference in our customers’ experience, so we strive to create beautiful interfaces that are pleasing to the eye.

Human Centric

We build software for human beings and that means People, not Users. We believe great software should fade into the background, effortlessly supporting people in accomplishing what’s important to them and seamlessly integrated into the way they live their lives.


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