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Develop Employees Consistently Instead of Grading Them Once A Year

Traditional performance management is based on antiquated ideas about how to influence productivity and overall business outcomes. Top-down management, annual performance reviews, and slow or non-existent feedback loops harm productivity instead of encouraging cooperation. These outdated practices coupled with ineffectual rewards and incentives stymie a culture of alignment and passion for achieving shared company goals.

Based on positive psychology research and proven methods for employee development, you can give your HR performance management methods a well-deserved upgrade. Easily solve business productivity issues with better goal management with a continuous performance management system used by over 1,300 companies.

Tap into Employee Passion, Creativity, and Commitment

Performance management systems that incorporate goal management and periodic development conversations between managers and employees directly impact business success. The main driver of employee engagement comes from providing opportunities to learn and grow. According to Gallup, engaged employees are 17% more productive than the rest of your workforce.

Today’s progressive managers are ditching micromanagement philosophies, and are steering away from vague KPIs, and performance figures that lack context. Instead, they are choosing regular meaningful communication and team objectives and key results (OKRs) that are linked to company priorities. Managers who do this are coaching employees to work autonomously, which allows the entire team to work more efficiently and allows managers to finalize their own projects as individual contributors.

According to Gallup, engaged employees are 17% more productive than the rest of your workforce.

Safety enables people to work more creatively and collaboratively. When competition is high, people are afraid of sharing valuable knowledge with others. And according to Steve Jobs, “creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.” When people are overworked, unsupported, and are afraid of their managers, they don’t connect the dots.

A cutting edge performance management system can help create safe workplaces that drive commitment and tap into the passion of each individual. These systems, to be effective, must include the following:

  • Weekly check-ins that help management and leadership keep their finger on the pulse of morale and overall employee satisfaction
  • Quick and effective one-to-ones to enable employees to be coached effectively through pressing issues and identify areas for further development
  • Clear goal setting for employee career development that is in line with company objectives
  • Peer recognition that encourages a culture of collaboration and open communication.
  • A quarterly or semi-annual review process that allows for individuals and their managers to each reflect upon progress and to map out future performance benchmarks

HR Performance Management That Unlocks the Potential of Your People

Your employees are your business, and most of them aren’t purely motivated by their paychecks and benefits. They want to contribute their highest talents and understand how those strengths influence both business growth and the greater mission that their businesses are trying to achieve. They also want to grow as employees and individuals and attain mastery in their roles.

For that to happen, managers have to be present and absent at the right times. Personal satisfaction cannot be derived from performance that was dictated step by step by a manager. Of course, managers need to check-in to offer support and catch issues before they escalate. These few touchpoints will help guide high employee engagement and performance:

  • Goal setting: Set quarterly objectives that align everyone in your organization around the most valuable activities for your business.
  • Coaching: Weekly communication replaces the need for long reports and helps managers realign employees around company goals when necessary.
  • Feedback: Regular employee feedback and responses from managers are essential so that people feel heard and continue the dialogue week after week.

Create great leaders for your organization and an engaged workforce that is motivated to push your company towards success. The 15Five performance management system helps companies unlock the potential of their entire workforce by fulfilling every element of continuous performance management.

Spark a Goal Management Revolution

15Five software provides everything managers need to positively impact employees performance, reducing the time it takes to gather quality feedback while increasing the quality of interactions between managers and employees.

The weekly check-in sets a communication rhythm and allows managers to ask targets questions to spark innovation or that create conversations about challenges and wins. In just 15 minutes each week, employees can provide feedback to management on everything from personal productivity to team-wide morale through a beautifully designed and intuitive UI.

Why Choose 15Five’s Continuous Performance Management Software?

Continuous employee performance management methods need to be complete. The five elements together (OKRs, weekly check-ins, 1-on-1s, reviews, and recognition) respond to the particular needs of employees, managers, and top leadership in today’s economy. Employees stay focused and aligned with top business goals, and periodic dialogue between managers and employees directly impacts employee development and the completion of those goals.

Performance management systems must also be lightweight to ensure rapid onboarding, team-wide adoption, and regular engagement. What’s the point of implementing software that nobody wants to use? Unlike enterprise systems that can feel intimidating, 15Five’s lightweight and automated software is quick and easy to use.

Performance management systems must also be lightweight to ensure rapid onboarding, team-wide adoption, and regular engagement.

We have helped thousands of managers in organizations across nearly every industry to unlock the potential of their teams. We’ve helped successful businesses including Vevo, Hubspot, LinkedIn and Spotify to facilitate conversations between managers and employees, which has resulted in better performance and higher engagement from their teams. Many of our customers have also risen up on lists like Best Places To Work and Inc. 5000.

In the new world of work, companies win by unlocking the potential of their people. We believe that the key to unlocking that potential is our continuous performance management software. Get started today.

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