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What’s inside?

This handbook is a response to the many executives and founders we’ve interviewed, who all have similar stumbling blocks on the path to sustainable growth. 

We cover everything from hiring right to how to coach your employees to be their most productive.

Also included is tactical advice from several successful founders like Rand Fishkin, Brian Balfour, Alex Turnbull, and others.  

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 The Fundamentals of Steady and Sustainable Growth



See what's inside The High Growth CEO Handbook:

1. Talent Acquisition

2. Maintaining Visibility

3. Scaling Communication

4. Maximizing Meeting ROI 

5. Using Data to Guide Decisions

6. Scaling Culture

7. Coaching & Mentorship 


“High growth does not necessarily mean repeatable or sustainable growth. There are ways to hack into short periods of growth with tactics rather than strategy, but two-thirds of the fastest growing companies ultimately fail. You can glue a horn onto a horse and call it a unicorn, or you can plan wisely and build a solid foundation for success that you can ride all the way to the bank. ”

“As a CEO, if you don’t make time to learn and grow, you’re robbing yourself and your business. There isn't a business problem that you're dealing with that nobody has ever solved before. Before you try and brute force your way through every challenge, get help. Read. Talk to people more experienced than you are. Take on advisors and mentors. Spend time on growing yourself, and you'll be surprised at how much more effectively you can grow your business.”

David Hassell, Founder & CEO, 15Five

Alex Turnbull, Founder & CEO, Groove