Top 5 Leadership & Culture Posts This Month

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Whether you’re running a startup or trying to keep up with a team of 10,000 employees, balancing leadership and culture can be difficult. That’s why so many of us are writing about our experiences and thoughts. In order to keep up with all of the great content that’s out there, we decided to put together a reading list for the month of November. And hey, we thought you might want to check it out too!

Without further ado, here’s our list of leadership and culture content you absolutely cannot afford to miss this month.

1. When Smart People Are Bad Employees

By Ben Horowitz
Is building a great team as simple as hiring smart people? Not according to Ben. Sometimes having a highly intelligent team can backfire. What do you do when your smart employee flakes or, well, just plain turns into a jerk?

2. The 5 Hidden Superpowers of Balanced Creative Teams

By Emily Cohen
Emily talks about the five personality types that add up to an amazing creative team. Do you have an industry activist? What about an emotional quarterback? You’d better start looking if you want a productive, balanced team..

3. Intrapreneurial Talent: How Do You Find the “X” Factor?

By Susan Foley and Hans Balmaekers
So, you want to hire a team of intrapreneurs? Before you start an external search, take a look at your existing team. Susan and Hans show you how to identify the “x” factor when seeking fresh talent or developing current talent.

4. The happiness trick

By James Buckhouse
Is the work you’re doing meaningful to your team, the company and the planet? James tells you how to master the workplace happiness trick. After all, a happy team is a productive team, right?

5. Launching Adventure Teams at Moz

By Rand Fishkin
Rand talks about the new approach Moz is taking to team building and productivity. Moz is launching adventure teams and it’s changing the way leaders think about team structures. Would you be willing to take this new approach?

What was your favorite leadership or culture post in November? Leave us a comment below!

 photo credit: Peter Werkman

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