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Streamline your Compensation Management Decisions with 15Five Compensation Powered by Partners


One of the biggest challenges facing Human Resource Managers these days is how to equitably and fairly make changes to compensation such as raises and bonuses. Many organizations struggle with complex spreadsheets that don’t connect with their performance software. This situation is obviously not ideal. Say goodbye to your compensation worries and say hello to 15Five Compensation Powered by Partners!

15Five has partnered with two of the best-in-breed compensation management programs: SimplyMerit and HRSoft. Both SimplyMerit and HRSoft are software-as-a-service companies that have years of experience helping companies manage their compensation. A deep integration between 15Five and both of these services will enable you to take your performance data from 15Five and easily directly transfer the data over to your compensation management software via an API connection. No need to download or upload spreadsheets!

Partnering with these industry leaders is a natural fit as we are able to combine 15Five’s deep expertise in Performance and Engagement with HRSoft and SimplyMerit’s amazing and dynamic power in managing your compensation needs. Rather than working with an “Add-On” compensation management system, you can go with the experts whose core DNA is compensation.

How does it work?

When you run a performance review in 15Five you will create review cycles populated with performance data, both quantitative and qualitative. When you have enabled 15Five Compensation you’ll be able to sync this data over to the SimplyMerit or HRSoft platform. With this data in your compensation management platform you’re able to easily make informed and equitable decisions on how to manage your employee’s compensation changes.

Meet the Partners

SimplyMerit has grown from a compensation consulting firm into a full service SAAS offering. They serve the SMB community and are a powerful yet simple to use tool that will make your compensation decisions a breeze. Another differentiator for SimplyMerit is that they remain also a leader in compensation consulting, and can assist with complex questions that may arise.

HRSoft are leaders in the enterprise space for compensation management. They are set apart by their ability to handle any complex compensation program or situation including international companies. Their robust and proven software has a track record of success.

Try it today!

We’re so excited to bring this new option to the world. Get out of spreadsheets and get started with 15Five Compensation today!