Slideshare: Your Complete Guide To Employee Evaluations

By David Mizne

Two fascinating articles were published this week dealing with annual employee evaluations; IBM Is Blowing Up Its Annual Performance Review, and Yahoo Ex-Employee Files Suit Alleging Problems With Performance Reviews. It’s February! Why is the media still covering a practice that takes place in December?

Performance reviews continue to be relevant because managers and employees are still licking their wounds from the latest round of evaluations. Employees hate being put under the microscope, and without the proper context, managers often have no idea what they are looking at…

Is this streptococcus pneumoniae or 12 months of productivity reports? 

Employee Feedback Is The New Employee Evaluations

The IBM story is big news! In many ways, the computing giant is synonymous with corporate procedure, but they are now looking to reinvent themselves. Their decade old review system is called Personal Business Commitments, a process that needs to be abandoned since yearly goals no longer make sense. In a rapidly shifting marketplace, people need room to be innovative and pivot objectives to respond to competition.

Bonus: Read the epic guide to rethinking the annual performance review. Complete with stats, case studies and links to research.

The newer more agile approach will allow employee goals to shift throughout the year. And like many others (GE, Accenture, Adobe) who have abandoned yearly employee evaluations, IBM will now solicit regular employee feedback.

It appears that businesses are already looking ahead to the 2016 review and how to improve performance week over week. So we are providing this slide share of 15Five’s Annual Review Guide below.

Hopefully, this will help you to better understand the review process including why employees and managers loathe it. Towards the end, you will find an alternate strategy that you can use to join the 10% of Fortune 500 companies that are finding better ways to improve performance:

Know the pulse of your team each week and improve employee engagement with 15Five.

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