Why December 31st Is The Most Important Day Of The Year For Your Business

By David Mizne

I can barely remember the glory days before Thanksgiving when I could still see my feet. At my current rate of consumption I may as well begin training for Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. But my pastry issues are no match for the unparalleled power of the New Year’s Resolution.

Our intentions are at their most potent on January 1, when the promise of new beginnings fuels our will to transform. Exercising more, writing that novel, parkour lessons…whatever you want for yourself in 2015, your best chance is to start now. The same holds true for business goals.

But first we have to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and failures — give ourselves one last pat on the back or kick in the pants before wiping the slate clean. Where leaders focus during the final days of the year will determine how the next year will flow at a company.

Before the clock strikes midnight, get inspired by these top December reads on increased employee engagement and collaboration, and better business communication in the new year:

1. The One Question That Will Revolutionize Your New Year’s Resolutions

by Carolyn Gregoire

15Five New Year's ResolutionPositive psychologist Dr. Gabriele Oettingen, author of Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside The New Science Of Motivation, says that now is “a good time to design a future for the next year”. Oettingen says that reflection is crucial if we are to be successful at executing resolutions, and we must all ask ourselves what inside of us is holding us back. Then engage in mental contrasting, a strategy in which a desired future outcome is contrasted with the challenging realities we face in the pursuit of our goals.

2. Finding Your Company’s Pulse

by David Ciccarelli

Do you know the pulse of your company? In 2014, did it near the flatline signal? If so, it’s time to pump your company back to a stable place; one that is filled with vibrant , engaged employees. Ciccarelli shares that high performing organizations are those that are committed to regularly obtaining candid employee feedback. What is your plan for gaining greater visibility at your organization in 2015?

3. The Future of Enterprise Communications: Predictions for 2015

by Michael DeFranco

New Year's Resolution ListWe are nearing a future where technologies create real workplace productivity instead of just inflating our to-do lists. Michael DeFranco, Founder and CEO at Lua, shares his list of top emerging trends that will be adding value to enterprises in 2015:

– Business intelligence around employee actions will be met positively by employers and employees alike.

Employee satisfaction and morale will be found in expected technologies and solutions.

Remote workforces will no longer feel remote.

 4. 2015 Collaborations Trends That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

by Boland Jones

Effective collaboration technologies are either synchronous (real-time solutions like web conferencing and conference calls), or asynchronous (near-time solutions, such as email, online workspaces and project-management tools).

Since many modern employees are working remotely with greater freedom and flexibility than ever before, both types of collaboration are critical for attracting and retaining top talent. Empowering people to work on their terms improves their productivity and loyalty, and breaks down the barriers between managers and talent.

Before you pop that champagne, iron your tux, or hit the salon, take the time to have those important conversations with yourself and with your employees. Ask that final round of questions to gain insight into your past organizational health, and use what you have learned to create impactful Q1 goals for everyone at the company.

End the year right so that when the hangover clears sometime in the early afternoon on January 1, you will be poised and ready for your most successful and fulfilling year yet.

Image credits (in order of appearance): Michael, CPDFC, Paul Brigham 

What are your resolutions for the new year, and how do you intend to keep them?

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