New Feature Release: The Micromanagement Dashboard

By David Mizne

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about giving employees space to do their best work. Just last year, Inc. published an article entitled The Compelling Case For Giving Employees More Freedom. Who ever heard of such nonsense? Apparently the featured company grew from 2,000 to over 10,000 employees in one year. If you ask me, that type of rapid growth is a disaster waiting to happen.

Other business writers have been recommending outlandish ideas on increasing accountability. Harvard Business Review published this piece entitled The Best Teams Hold Themselves AccountableOkay HBR, what’s next? Employees who work from home?

These new methods for fostering employee productivity and accountability are just fads. Nothing drives accountability on teams like constant supervision, but who has time these days to stand over employees and tell them how you would do it better?

You do the math

Over 1,ooo companies use 15Five, and they are seeing boosts in engagement and productivity when employees answer a handful of questions once each week. Managers take a few minutes to respond and voila, communication flows beautifully.

We thought if communicating about important issues and accomplishments once each week is helping our customers, imagine the benefits of communicating more often! And so after months of development, we are proud to unveil the 15Five Micromanagement Dashboard – automated software that sends employees questions once every fifteen minutes instead of just once each week.

Here’s an excerpt from a customer MMD:

<12:45 pm>

Frank (manager): How are the new landing page designs coming?

Sandra (employee): Great, but I just started this yesterday. If I push it, they can be done by EOD.

<1 pm>

Frank: Can I see them now?

Sandra: Uh…

<1:15 pm>

Frank: How about now?

Sandra: They are not quite there yet.


Frank: How about now?

Sandra: Um…sure.

Frank: These designs are terrible. Some of them aren’t even finished.

We asked Frank why he chose to add the micromanagement dashboard:

“We used to have weekly 1 on 1s every Monday to align employees with goals. Then they would go off and work. We added daily check-ins and productivity nearly doubled. So we thought why not take this a step further? If checking in 5x as often led to 2x the productivity, then checking in 32x per day will surely yield extraordinary results!”

Productivity never sleeps

We are also seeing great results from globally distributed teams. We asked Michael Hopkins, CFO of Generic Co. what he thought of this incredible new feature:

“The biggest issue has been with remote teams. At my last company I used to be able to stand there all day looking over everyone’s shoulders and stepping in with constant criti…eh…feedback. Now I have people reporting in from all over the world. How am I supposed to micromanage my team in Bangalore when they get back from lunch? That’s after midnight for me. But with this new micromanagement software, I can ask questions every 15 minutes around the clock!”

More face time

It’s not just managers who love us. Employees are finally receiving the attention that they crave. We spoke to Phillip Halversun, whose manager just implemented the micromanagement dashboard:

“Getting feedback from my manager used to be impossible, and all of my tasks were constantly bottle-necking. Now it’s like she practically lives at my desk.”

We are pleased that this feature is being so universally well-recieved.

Eventually, there will be a way to monitor employees every second of the day. But until that glorious day arrives you can’t just give employees a little direction and alot of autonomy. Remember the Titanic? “You guys keep an eye out while I get some rest”. Famous last words, Captain. Famous last words.

Happy April Fool’s Day from all of us at 15Five.

Image Credit: Petras Gagilas

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