15Five To Pilot New Elon Musk Venture: SpaceAds

By David Mizne

In the wake of SpaceX’s successful launch of a Tesla into space in February, Elon Musk today announced the launch of his latest ideaSpaceAds. This new venture will allow the world’s most innovative companies to place branded artifacts in space to advertise their “out of this world” offerings.

Starman Waiting In The Sky

The world stood transfixed earlier this year as the most powerful rocket in operation, the Falcon Heavy,  placed a shiny red Tesla Roadster into an elliptical orbit around Earth and Mars. The car will reportedly stay in that orbit for a million years as its sole passenger, “Starman”, can be watched live on his mythical journey through the void:

Many fans of the galaxy’s most expensive publicity stunt are tracking the voyage of Starman and his $250,000 automobile on apps like SkySafari 6 and StarWalk 2. Due to the initial success and ongoing interest, the SpaceX marketing team now believes that launching business artifacts into space could indeed be the future of advertising.

SpaceAds Launches

A special invitation has been extended to a select group of disruptive tech companies that have caught the eye of prolific business magnate and investor, Musk. These three brands are invited to participate in the first launch of SpaceAds, an event which marks Musk’s first foray into the advertising space:

1) On demand transportation company, Lyft, has been making serious headway against its largest competitor, Uber, over the last year. As a reward for their steadfast gumption, they were asked to place their iconic pink mustache among the stars.

2) Slack, the fastest growing startup of all time that disrupted the real-time messaging space in 2013, will also be sending their corporate logoa multicolored hashtaginto orbit.

3) The unexpected invitee among the three is 15Five. The startup was first to market in the now saturated continuous performance management space. But the scrappy young company continues to be a disruptive force, leading the pack on review sites like G2Crowd, and recently introducing the revolutionary Inappropriate Question Bank. They will be contributing their bright orange fidget spinner to the interstellar logo lineup.

A Fidget Spinner? Why!?

“Quite frankly, we still have about 2,200 of these things which have fallen way out of vogue,” said 15Five Marketing Programs Coordinator, Mitchell Yee. “We tried concealing them in our swag bags at trade shows, but most people look in the bag for a moment, then remove the apparently offensive item before moving on. They usually turn back and offer a final look of disgust.”

Of course, launching a rocket into space is not cheap. Even though SpaceAds is footing the majority of the astronomical bill for this maiden voyage, each company is contributing nearly half a million dollars. That’s a mere drop in the bucket for Lyft and Slack, which have taken hundreds of millions in funding and are valued in the billions of dollars.

15Five on the other hand is pre-Series A. The much smaller company has come under harsh criticism for what many have called an irresponsible business decision.

“If you call spending a significant portion of our annual revenue to place a worthless piece of plastic and metal into space irresponsible, you clearly don’t understand how we roll in the Valley,” said Yee. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get on line to buy Burning Man tickets.”

Miz BearDavid is VP of Shenanigans at 15Five, where he writes such hilarious April Fools posts as, New Feature Release: The Micromanagement Dashboard and The 14Four. Follow him on Twitter @AttemptingToBePithyIn280Characters.



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