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It’s Time You Become an HR Superstar

Joanne Chu

For far too long, HR leaders have been viewed as just an administrative function of the business. 2020, however, was the year that proved that assumption all wrong.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, HR professionals were suddenly thrust into the spotlight to care for the health and safety of both individuals and the organization at large. It was clear: HR is and should always be a strategic function. 

Power to the People

On May 19, about 400 HR & People Ops leaders gathered virtually for the HR Superstars Summit in order to move the future of HR forward. The 3.5 hour event featured 15Five Chief Product Officer Dianne Frommelt who shared the product vision and roadmap, 15Five Creator of Positive Product Design Courtney Bigony, MAPP who presented on the benefits of positive psychology, and Power to Fly Co-Founder and CEO Milena Berry who covered diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, to name a few. 

Perhaps most exciting of all was the soft launch of the HR Superstars community, a safe place for HR leaders to brainstorm, network, problem solve, and support each other in the efforts of securing a seat at their organization’s table. 

Strength in Numbers

Since the event, members of the HR Superstars Community have continued to swap resources, share experiences, and give personal recommendations. On Thursday, May 27, the community held an opening ceremony where members broke into groups to share areas they’d like to grow in their careers and the obstacles in their way. The group reconvened in the end to reveal common themes that emerged in the discussions. 

While brief, the huddle sparked many ideas and built connections among HR leaders eager to make an impact in their organization. This kind of up-close-and-personal, informal exchange of HR practices is the core of the HR Superstars community.  

As the community grows, the spark will only get bigger and brighter. If you haven’t already, sign up to become a member. Together, we can all be superstars!