10 Years Later: Are People Really More Productive Working Remotely? (Infographic)

By Annabelle Smyth

We did it!

We lived through that whole extra second in the last minute of 2016, and have begun setting our sights on a successful 2017. (Wait what extra second? Is it the end of days!? Nah. Every so often the Earth’s rotation doesn’t line up perfectly with the atomic clock, so scientists cheat a little.)

2016 was a highly transformational year, and the workplace was not immune from these shifts. Many of the changes have been recorded and analyzed in BambooHR’s recent series of infographics, Then and Now: How a Decade Changed the Workplace. The series covers research relating to workplace stress, employee satisfaction, electronic media usage, and the graphic below on the workplace environment (including working remotely).

When you think about the environment in your present-day job, how does it compare to the businesses you’ve worked for in the past? While every workplace is different, it is likely that you’ve seen some common themes of change. For example, consider the more relaxed dress codes, the flexible work opportunities and the enhanced collaboration that is more commonplace today.

The Workplace: Then & Now

The data in the following infographic was extracted from a survey completed at the end of 2016 that compared questions and responses from several 2006 surveys. Some of the findings include…

Enhanced Recognition: A variety of studies have demonstrated the value of reward and recognition in the modern workplace. Seven out of ten employees now feel that they receive meaningful recognition at work, which is a 16% increase from ten years ago.

Innovative Environments: Ten years ago, half of all employees felt that they developed their best ideas working at their desks. Today, this is still the number one place for developing great ideas, but only 27% of employees favor it.

Productivity: Seventy-nine percent of today’s employees still feel they accomplish their best work at the office. This is down only 6% from 2006.

So, what has brought about these changes? And what data did the rest of the survey reveal? Check out the infographic below and click here to gain access to 3 more detailed infographics about the many shifts in the workplace over the last decade.


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Annabelle Smyth HeadshotAnnabelle Smyth is a freelance writer who covers everything from HR to technology and leadership skills. Her most recent work involves partnership marketing with BambooHR where she has had the opportunity to learn about the relationship between employee engagement and successful businesses.

Image Credit: JD Hancock

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