5 Activities That Drive Unexpectedly High Productivity (Infographic)

By David Mizne

Great work. It’s the one desired business outcome that transcends all industries, roles, and management styles. Company leaders try to predict it when they hire, and they often struggle to sustain high levels of productivity over an employee’s tenure. What are the specific traits to look for in an employee that drive unexpectedly high results?

The employee recognition gurus at O.C. Tanner analyzed 1.7 million cases of award-winning work. They discovered that great work doesn’t necessarily come from any particular traits, but rather results from performing 5 activities and rallying around one common intention.

Questions Can Drive Productivity?

According to O.C. Tanner, asking curious and provoking questions is incredibly powerful. This resonates deeply with us since asking questions is the cornerstone of the 15Five product and culture. The simple act of asking questions ignites imaginations and allows people to escape the limiting belief that certain tasks are impossible.

Good questions have the power to spark innovation, avoid fire-drills, and help employees show-up as their best selves. They surface issues so that they can be addressed in a timely manner, before they become problems that affect revenue, costs, or performance.

When coupled with a common intention, questions have even more of an impact on productivity. According to the study, 88% of great work projects began with an employee asking “what difference would people love?” Our intention is to create the space for people to become their greatest selves. That inspires the questions we ask, the way we constantly improve our product, and the great work that our team performs every day.

Wondering about the other 4 activities that great workers do? Check out the infographic below:

OC Tanner Infographic Great Work

This infographic originally published in a Magazine.

O.C. Tanner, number 40 on the 2015 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, helps organizations inspire and appreciate great work. Thousands of clients globally use the company’s cloud-based technology, tools, and awards to provide meaningful recognition for their employees. octanner.com

Image Credit: Akban Martial Arts Academy

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