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Provide Easy Access to Learning Through the New 15Five/LearnUpon SSO Integration


Here at 15Five we’re always looking for ways to get you connected with more of your favorite tools, and offer you simpler, easier ways to bring those tools into your ecosystem. With more people than ever looking for ways to provide learning opportunities to their employees, an integration with LearnUpon LMS was a natural next step.

LearnUpon and 15Five have built a single sign-on connection that allows users to instantly jump from their 15Five accounts to LearnUpon without having to log-in multiple times.

See more about setting up the integration here.

LearnUpon enables global organizations to create, manage, deliver, and measure learning through a single, centralized solution. With a focus on user experience and industry-leading expertise, LearnUpon helps businesses deliver impactful training that inspires their people to know, do, and achieve more—anywhere, anytime. LearnUpon offers a long list of very attractive features such as a course builder, various learning paths, automated notifications, certifications, and a place to store content.

Using LearnUpon and 15Five together will allow you to improve performance, build a culture of learning that develops employees, grow your people and your business, and provide easy access to learning.

If you are looking for a way to offer your employees the learning experiences they need and want, this SSO integration is one that is worth looking into.