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15Five Expands Into a Full Performance Management Suite with OKRs

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Hollie Aghajani

Well, it’s here. HR 2.0 has arrived.

Today, 15Five announced the release of 15Five Objectivesour solution to create, track and manage the popular goal-setting method, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Blended into the 15Five weekly feedback practice, utilized by more than 1,100 companies worldwide, this offering automates the tracking of OKRs and provides managers with deeper insight into the motivations, distractions, and other issues that influence or hinder performance.

Popularized by Google, Oracle and Intel, OKRs are evolving the way companies manage performance. This includes creating more collaborative teams built on feedback, an emphasis on transparency, and having regular performance conversations between peers, and managers to employees.

Watch the video overview of 15Five Objectives.

With 15Five Objectives, managers set priorities for their teams, then work with employees to set individual objectives that align with department and company priorities. Employees share progress on their OKRs, alongside answering questions about morale, productivity, and performance, and acknowledging peers with High Fives — all within a 15 minute weekly check-in. This lightweight process gives employees ownership over their contributions (objectives), and provides managers with immediate visibility into their team’s engagement and performance.

Bringing the vision to life

In March, we released 15Five Plus, our solution to bring employee data and feedback together into our lightweight check-in. Founder and CEO, David Hassell, shared his views about this release:

“We’ve always had a stance that what’s often missing is qualitative feedback. Many different dashboards and business analytics tools are available, but what’s missing is listening to employees to hear their subtleties of their experiences that provide context and depth. The combination of data and employee feedback produces something really powerful.”

With Objectives, we continue to work towards our vision to “bring out the best in people at work” by adding goal and OKR management. David adds:

“Four years ago, when I began 15Five, I had a vision to build a product that would unlock the true potential of every employee. Since then we’ve become a bedrock for culture and employee engagement for over 1,100 companies, including Citrix, SalesLoft, JustFab, ShoreTel, TubeMogul, and HubSpot, and it has become clear that now is the perfect time to add Objectives to the platform. This is a very exciting time for us, as no other SaaS company has holistically addressed culture, engagement and performance in a single platform for the SMB and mid-market.”

Here’s what you can expect

objectives-okrsWith many hours of research, and customer input and feedback, we have elegantly designed 15Five Objectives to approach performance management with the following features:

– Rooted in the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting process, you can create individual, department, and company-wide objectives. Not practicing OKRs? It’ll work for you too! The platform can be customized to your unique performance management processes.

– Objectives are easy to update and simple to measure progress. Blended into the 15 minute weekly check-in, employees quickly set the status of the objective each week (on track, at risk, or behind), and can update the progress on key results throughout the timeframe.

– Continuous feedback is the cornerstone of 15Five. Using our proprietary Question Bank, employee feedback is proactive and helps managers have more effective and frequent performance conversations.

– Objectives in 15Five are fully transparent and lets everyone in the organization know how their collective efforts propel the company forward.

– Quickly view all company objectives at a glance, or tab over to view by department or by owner.

– Employees can update their OKR status wherever they are, using the iOS app.

– 15Five report data can easily be customized and exported to a CSV. You can filter, drill-down, and export detailed insights on objectives, such as who owns the initiative, status, the timeframe for completion, and manager feedback.

Keep reading: Check out our free, extended WebBook on OKRs. Learn how to accelerate your business success with Objectives and Key Results.

For more information about these new features or about OKRs, visit:

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide For Making OKRs Work At Your Company

If you have questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at [email protected].

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