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Spend Less Time on Manual Data Entry with the 15Five and BambooHR Integration

Bradon Fennell
Bradon Fennell

Are you still spending hours on manual data entry for your employees? There’s a better way with the 15Five and BambooHR integration. When you implement this integration, your HR team and business leaders can:

  • Seamlessly track applicants and employee onboarding
  • Easily manage quarterly OKR tracking
  • Encourage and monitor employee feedback
  • Conduct performance reviews
  • Keep track of weekly one-on-one meetings

You can be confident that you are always working with the most current information!

With a few simple steps, an administrative user can link 15Five and BambooHR and import their employees and management structure into 15Five. The company’s management hierarchy will automatically be set up in 15Five; employee data can be synced manually by an admin or 15Five customer support. 

When you use 15Five and BambooHR together, you’ll experience a simple and affordable solution to manage the most valuable aspect of your business — your employees.

Learn more about the integration by visiting the BambooHR App Marketplace

Fields that Sync

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Status
  • Work Email
  • Job Title
  • Location 
  • Status
  • Employment Status
  • ID
  • Supervisor
  • Employee Number
  • Department 
  • Division
  • Preferred Name

See step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration here.