Best-Self Management

"I was inspired by David's talk to create a 'Best Self' culture for my company. We're striving at Engagio to be a place where people want to stay and achieve the best potential, and this talk is full of ideas to help make this happen."

"David's approach and "best-self" framework is a refreshing and insightful approach to modern day people management. It's how I'd like to be managed and a great way to build a community of missionaries."

CEO & Co-Founder

Jon Miller

John S. Kim

CEO & Co-Founder

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By supporting people in being and becoming their Best Selves, high and ever-increasing performance becomes a natural by-product. 

We define Best-Self Management in two parts: 

  • Creating a culture that brings out the best in who your people are today
  • Supporting people in learning, growing, developing, evolving and becoming their best over time 

We are thrilled to launch Best-Self Management to help unlock the potential of every member of the global workforce.

Introducing Best-Self Management

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