Best-Self Management™️

Support people's thriving in life and they'll do extraordinary work.

What you can’t see can in
fact hurt you

Scientific evidence shows that people generally thrive and experience intrinsic motivation in an environment where they have purpose, are given autonomy, feel connected to one another, and have opportunities to grow. Today’s employees are actively seeking these experiences from their work.

Rather than focusing on the externalities that make up traditional Performance Management (results, compensation, rewards, and reprimands), create an environment where people feel safe to communicate candidly and compassionately, take creative risks, and appreciate the power of accountability.

Best-Self Management is a methodology
built on 3 main pillars:

Create a Powerful Shared Context

Creating what the future looks like in clear, emphatic, and descriptive language, including your mission, vision, values, and even your short-term goals and long-term OKRs.

Become Your

Simultaneously celebrating the greatness of your people (being), while inspiring continuous improvement (becoming). This begins with each leader’s own self-awareness.

Cultivate Relational Mastery

Rather than allowing a culture of relational friction to form with gossip and resentment, leaders support direct and honest communication, especially during those inevitable challenging conversations.

Manager Education & Leadership Development

Best-Self Academy

15Five’s Best-Self Academy

Manager development courses and certifications based on leading research on how to create a more positive, psychologically safe workplace, where people are intrinsically motivated to perform at their peak. Trainings guide managers to communicate more effectively, measure and improve performance, and create a world-class workplace.

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The Best-Self Management Certification

This forever free flagship certification empowers you with the “soft skills” to become a leader and manager who brings out the best in your team. The online program includes over 20 video lessons to improve your communication and feedback skills and expertly guide practices like Check-ins, 1-on-1s, and Objectives.

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Best-Self Management Podcast

In the popular Best-Self Management Podcast, you’ll hear from 15Five co-founders David Hassell and Shane Metcalf about how they built an 8-figure business, with a stellar culture that’s rated #3 in the country on Glassdoor! David and Shane interview academics, business leaders, and coaches, who are revolutionizing our understanding of human performance and facilitating transformation in the world of work.

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Product Features

The Best-Self Review®

Annual performance reviews are ineffective, biased and in many situations actually detrimental to employees, managers, and the culture. We’ve developed a review process based on positive psychology and the growth mindset, that is quarterly, lightweight, beautiful and even delightful to use. The Best-Self Review® is focused far more on supporting employees in becoming their best selves rather than simply giving them a grade.

Best-Self Review®