Best-Self Conference

May 18-20, 2020 Scotts Valley, CA

What is the Best-Self Conference?

Best-Self Conference is a transformational 3-day business retreat, strategically designed to help you discover your best self, and to support your employees in becoming their best selves.

Over 250 visionary people leaders from around the world will come together in Northern California to experience a leadership awakening. Attendees will leave with the tools and tactics to build extraordinary company cultures that empower employees to become their best selves.

What you’ll leave with:


Mastery in the art of unlocking human potential, and a roadmap to your path of self-actualization.


A deep understanding of how to create psychological safety and facilitate intrinsic motivation for you and your employees.

Positive Leadership

The ability to adopt a transformational leadership style that excites and influences positive change.


Knowledge and tools to develop a culture of feedback that emboldens creativity.


Effective strategies and human-centric solutions to help your company grow, and most importantly, to thrive.

Our Speakers

Additional speakers will be announced soon!

david hassell ceo 15Five

David Hassell

CEO & Founder


Shane Metcalf

Shane Metcalf

Chief Culture Officer


Amy Edmondson

Professor & Author

Harvard University

Julie Zhuo

VP Product Design & Author


Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer


Rajkumari Neogy

Rajkumari Neogy

Executive Coach & Author


Ashanti Branch

Founding Executive Director

Ever Forward-Siempre Adelante

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Founder & Executive Director

The Culture Conference

Praveen Mantena

Praveen Mantena

Executive Coach & Partner

Burst Forward

Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan

Leadership Trainer & Partner

Burst Foward


1440 Multiversity

Best-Self Conference will be held at 1440 Multiversity, which offers immersion learning in a world-class facility nestled in the magnificent California Redwoods. The heart of this resort focuses on building community and deep connections through experiential learning. Each building at 1440 has been thoughtfully placed within its natural environment to encourage groups to spend as much time outdoors as indoors, integrating the overall campus and surrounding forest.

Your ticket includes:

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food prepared is locally sourced and homemade. Meal options range from lively lighter fare, to hearty favorites, and inspired culinary creations. We are accommodating of all dietary restrictions.

You will be offered three supplementary activities a day with access to a soaking tub, sauna, and private hiking trails.

At 1440, your body and mind will come alive with activities like yoga, meditation, expert learning courses, and outdoor exploration in the surrounding nature.