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Best-Self Management training is the research-inspired resource necessary for creating close-knit cultures where everybody wins.

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Managers Influence Employee Turnover

We surveyed 1000 employees and 500 managers to learn more about the landscape of today’s workplace. What we discovered was surprising:

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Strengthen manager-employee relationships.

But it’s not just your employees…

Managers crave the resources and education needed to support their workplaces and strengthen manager-employee relationships. In fact, 75% of managers want more leadership and manager training opportunities.

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Introducing The Best-Self Academy

The ability for managers (and everyone else) to reflect on their behavior, increase emotional intelligence and communicate effectively is just as important as creating pivot tables and hitting quarterly objectives. Without these vital skills—unfortunately called soft skills—organizations might find themselves in dangerous territory with a culture of disengaged, unsupported employees. The solution? Skills trainings at the Best-Self Academy!

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The Best-Self Academy helps organizations refocus on what empowers and supports employees on their professional journey: strong, trusting manager-employee relationships.

Because when people don’t have that, they start looking for a place that will support them. And you have enough going on without having to worry about explosive turnover.

Our initial certification is for managers and includes 20 short video lessons in areas like creating psychological safety, fostering intrinsic motivation, and strengths-based management.

Manager education and behavioral instruction are the keys to organizational health. Creating an environment where employees feel supported both emotionally and professionally, boosts retention and performance and fosters high levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty.

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