6 Simple Cultural Rituals to Unlock Your Team's Potential


"The information we glean from 15Five helps us in time and project prioritization, tapping into the emotional wellness of our team and providing a place for continued company culture."

Brittni Kinney

Vice President


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Company Culture – /kəmpənē kəlCHər/ n. Buzzword overused by many businesses to describe a set of values that are not actually implemented.

Ok, that’s not an exact definition. The word culture means the collective customs and achievements of a people, but the term originally derives from cultivating land or agriculture. Fitting, given that great companies provide environments where employees can thrive.

But if company culture is so popular and is intended to be people focused, why are 65% of American employees disengaged at work?

Because culture is simply the natural byproduct of humans coming together and collaborating, it’s going to happen whether you intend it to or not. That’s why we’re sharing these six simple cultural rituals for leaders to shape a culture of appreciation, candor, and connection.