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In 11 Leadership Lessons From The Human Performance Experts, we provide in-depth advice for managers and leaders at all levels on these topics: 

1. Leadership

2. Culture-Building 

3. Emotional Intelligence 

4. Managing Millennials 

5. Evaluating Performance

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What's inside?

Today’s leaders have an opportunity to experience a much deeper and more complex style of people management, where they actually care for the humans doing the work. They are engaging in conversations, learning what employees want, and doing their best to provide it. 

At the same time, a new generation of employees is entering the workplace, looking for opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve. Leaders are also adapting to these needs with skills like emotional intelligence, active listening, and mentorship. 

To help you develop the leadership skills you need for today’s workplace, BambooHR and 15Five have compiled advice from some of today’s top experts on topics ranging from emotional intelligence, to culture building and managing millennials.

11 Leadership Lessons From The Human Performance Experts



"I believe that one of the things that will have the system tip is when employees know that they don’t have to put up with negative, fearful environments. When they have the option to work at companies that get it, others will have no choice but to adapt."

"Most people request feedback about their weaknesses instead of feedback about their strengths. While it’s important to focus on things that can be improved, it’s also important to put effort into identifying each employee’s unique strengths and leveraging those strengths in their role."

Simon Sinek
Author, Motivational Speaker, & Organizational Consultant

Julia Lee
Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.