Looking For Business Growth? Focus On Your Company Culture

By David Mizne

Company Culture – /kəmpənē kəlCHər/ n. Buzzword overused by many businesses to describe a set of values that are not actually implemented.

Ok, I’ll admit that’s not an exact definition. The world culture means the collective customs and achievements of a people, but the term originally derives from cultivating land or agriculture. Fitting, given that great companies provide environments where employees can thrive.

But if company culture is so popular and is intended to be people focused, why is 70% of the American workforce not engaged in their work?

Many business owners are responding to this dilemma with office ping-pong tables, and a slew of other gimmicky solutions that may or may not affect employee engagement levels. Honest people-focused solutions like gathering and responding to employee feedback create company cultures where employees feel heard and desire to contribute.

This month we’ve selected four articles that offer detailed advice on how to grow your business by creating and growing a strong company culture:

1. Debunking Four HR Myths That Destroy Company Cultures

By: Micah Solomon

There are other annoying buzzwords running around offices that make little to no sense when it comes to contributing to employee success. Instead of “hire slowly, fire quick” or “go with your gut”, try taking a second look at the real impact of what these rules of thumb can do to your culture. Phrases like “coach quickly” and “amp up the training” center on helping teams find purpose and developing a more meaningful work environment.

2. The Pros and Cons of a Gamified Work Culture

By: Nir Eyal and Stuart Luman

Gamification is a trendy way to develop company culture and incentivize teams, but does it really work? While early success with a gamified work place may look successful, there are always the downfalls of the games getting old. Make sure to take advantage of gamification opportunities that make sense like providing employees with constant updates on their performance. Avoid becoming cheesy by slapping a badge on everything employees do or by creating overly-competitive environments.

3. How to Create a Fun, Positive Company Culture in 7 Easy Steps

By: Gabe Abshire

When employees feel like cogs in a machine, their work loses all meaning. Businesses who have moved away from the command and control philosophy know that integrating work with play can dramatically increase employee morale and creativity. Here are 3 of the 7 ways Abshire offers for improving your culture:

– Recognize employee achievements in novel, exciting ways.

– Improve your meetings by sharing wins and encouraging creative thinking.

– Take the entire team offsite to interact and get to know each other.

And for a great cultural barometer, just ask yourself: If this wasn’t your company, would you want to work here?

4. 7 Ways You Can Impact Company Culture

By: Ben Peterson

A company’s culture doesn’t always come from the top down. Sure, it needs support and investment from a company’s top leaders but ultimately a company culture depends on all the participants. Employees can make a conscious effort to support their culture, and improve it as needed by patiently giving feedback, managing up and owning their unique role in the company.

Powerful company cultures can be fun, authentic and supportive without resorting to tricks or games that distract from the real purpose of projects or activities. Get the whole team involved by creating opportunities that encourage deeper connections at both a personal and professional level, and design a culture that inspires every employee to do their best work.

David Mizne is Content Manager at 15Five, the leading web-based employee feedback and alignment solution that is transforming the way employees and managers communicate.  David interviews some of the most brilliant minds in business and reports on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to employee engagement.

Image Credit: Library and Archives Canada

Is ‘culture’ at your company just a buzzword? How do you create a great place to work?

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